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  •  Cryosurgery Treatment for Neuromas, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendonitis, heel and arch pain performed in the office. Dr. Kelly Oliveros is one of the few podiatrists in NJ to offer this technology.
  • Diabetic Wound Care - Dr. Kelly Oliveros dispenses diabetic shoes for patients that qualify under Medicare's Diabetic Shoe Bill. We treat diabetic patients regularly to prevent future ulcers and possible amputations.
  • Diagnostic Technologies - Dr. Kelly Oliveros performs non-invasive vascular studies, diagnostic ultrasound, digital radiology and shock wave therapy in the office. These technologies aid in immediate diagnoses and treatment of peripheral arterial disease, soft tissue/ tendon pathologies, and osseous abnormalities. These studies and treatments are performed in the comfort of the office.
  • Sports Injuries, Trauma, and Custom-made Orthotics - Dr. Kelly Oliveros provides care and modalities like shockwave therapy for athletes with pain and injuries.  They make custom orthotics to help remedy some of the most common problems athletes face.
  • Surgery - Our office performs all types of foot and ankle surgery. We can do minimally invasive procedures and those that are done in the hospital. Dr. Oliveros is a foot and ankle surgeon.